Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crunch Time Part 2 (Sort Of)

So bloggers, if you have been faithfully following and reading my blog, you might remember a little self help post back at Easter time. A little how-to, if you will, about tips to making that 2.5 page paper hit the 3 page mark your professor wants. Don't remember? Never read it? Well then, refer to my first 10 tips here, then see a couple of new tips I have discovered just recently!

  1. Remember the old trick of increasing your period sizes? Well, in addition to this, increase the size of your commas and other punctuation marks. You may not think changing the size of your commas from 12 to 14 will help much but trust me, the little things add up!
  2. Increase your character spacing just slightly. Format, Paragraph, Character Spacing tab. Again, please go with the idea that less is more. If you change it drastically your professor will obviously notice. But if you change it slightly, it looks off somehow but you just cannot figure out why!