Monday, August 22, 2011

Being a Camp Counselor vs. Being an RA - Who Knew They Were So Similar?

So after leaving Camp this summer, I knew that God would continue to teach me things about myself and Himself through my campers and through my experience. But these past 2 days as an RA, God has shown me so much how being a camp counselor prepared me for being an RA. Praise God because He is good and always knows what He is doing! He has truly shown me how much He will be using me this year to share Him with my girls whether just through loving on them or serving them in whatever ways necessary - in small ways and bigger ways! I am praying that God would do big things this year on my hall through me and that my girls see my love and devotion to the Lord and recognize it as something unlike anything they've ever seen!

Friday, August 19, 2011

It Has Come to an End...Sort Of - Camp La Vida 2011

So bloggers, the summer is over. Camp is done and I have moved back in to PC and am awaiting the start of the school year. But one thing God really revealed to me the very last day of camp that although the summer was over, in a way camp never comes to an end. For the entire summer I never really believed I was making an impact on these girls lives at all. I knew in my head that I was, but I just didn't believe it. And God finally revealed to me on the last day how much I really do make an impact on these girls lives, by simply doing my job. At the age I was working with, the impact was just loving them the best way I was able to and that is what it looked like to give all of myself to them. Loving them just meant swimming with them in the pool, dunking them in their favorite game of Colors during pool time every day for 45 minutes a day although I was feeling tired of the game, singing the same song over and over because they love it so much, giving them a hug when they are homesick and comforting them, etc. And hopefully God will bring them back to camp year after year because they had a ton of fun with me and He will use someone else at camp to spiritually impact them. And praise God if He does or if He doesn't because I have made a spiritual impact on these girls whether they know it or not, by showing them how much God loves them everyday for a week even if they never see it again. Praise God for the fact that God could continue to use that week at camp to work in their hearts for the rest of their lives and praise God that He will continue to teach me things through my summer at camp!