Saturday, September 18, 2010

As I Procrastinate

It is now 2:20 pm on Saturday and I have been procrastinating on finishing a history paper for, oohhh about a whole day. I find myself a champion at reasoning myself out of things. Yesterday I told myself, "You have all day tomorrow to work on your paper" which is, in fact true. I thought it a perfect solution. I felt like doing nothing after a whole week of school work, my roommate is leaving today to go home so I'll have the room to myself, a perfect time to work on my paper, no distractions. No distractions? Little did I know there would be a great movie marathon on ABC family. Sixteen Candles, (although I don't know of too many I like 80s movies and Molly Ringwald is just too presh! I have a Breakfast Club poster up in my room!) Blue Crush (I actually do not know of this movie but it looks interesting. as far as i can tell it's about a group of girls and guys that like to surf), The Wedding Date, and the temptation of the two movies my roommates and I Redboxed last night, Letters to Juliet and Sunday School Musical. Oh yes, Sunday School Musical. We rented Letters to Juliet and then discovered we received a credit for another free movie rental! As we searched through the listings we found it, and it just sounded so funny we had to rent it. I must say the movie was cute. Not the best made, not the best acting, not the best singing either, but it was great entertainment especially for free! We also had fun reading old copes of Seventeen Magazine, the drama, the beauty tips, the boy advice, and the embarrassing stories, we are just suckers for it all!
On the ministry side of things, God has shown me that although I have been here for a month or so my heart really has not been here with the girls I am sharing with. Not that I haven't wanted to share with them or enjoyed sharing with them, but where my heart has really felt burdened is still with my coworkers from this summer. It is hard for me not to still feel burdened for them as I spent so much time with them and all of them do not know the Lord. But my heart needs to be here at PC, where God has me now, where I am spending my time, where I am laboring. How can I truly be fully laboring and feeling burdened for my friends here if my heart is still at the beach? The hard thing for me is thinking that this does not mean that I should completely forget about my coworkers. That is not it at all. It's ok to still have a burden for them, to still pray for them, to still talk with them when I get the chance, but my focus, my attention, and my heart needs to be where God has me right now, where He is going to use me right now, and that's here at PC.