Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day = New TpT Product Finished!

It seems that pretty much everyone across the US had a snow day today! Did you all have a snow day? We had a day off here in the SC and then the snow didn't start blowing in until about 6pm. So, this girl is sitting on her couch just waiting for the official phone call that means we have cancelled for tomorrow again! 

So, after eating some breakfast, and spending some time with Jesus, I got to working on my newest TpT project! So, here's a peek at what's included! I'll post some more pictures after I use it with my firsties!

Some Math Journal activities! I love the bright colors from this pack from Graphics from the Pond. Also, I just introduced interactive math journals with my kiddos and I am loving it so far! Use these popups as a fun practice for regrouping!

Cover those math vocabulary words and practice defining them with this interactive foldable! Make sure to glue it inside your math journals!

Sort these addition problems by which ones require regrouping and which ones do not. It is important for students to be able to identify which problems require regrouping before they can attempt to solve them.


so go check it out here!