Friday, January 10, 2014

a look back at first grade this week (five for friday)

Ok bloggers, it's time to get back into the swing of things at school and in the blogging world! So, with the crazy week that happened, delays and a workday, i kept forgetting to take pictures of my kiddos. I did take a few but I didn't take a lot. So here's my week at a glance, some of it personal, some from the classroom.

Have I stated before how much I LOVE television? I could pretty much watch all of my fave shows all day long and be perfectly happy! I had a great time catching up (as much as I could) on all the new episodes that aired this week! Oh how I have missed new episodes!

We started talking about money this week! I am so glad to be doing something new in math. My curriculum has suggested we spend sooo much time on addition and subtraction! It breaks it up but still! Last semester we spent about a month total on addition and subtraction. Then we were supposed to go back to it again! I skipped it and went to money. Haha. My kiddos are loving these money activities from Amy Lemons' "It's All About the Money" unit.

I love encouraging my kiddos to work in groups and collaborate together! It helps them learn to encourage each other, learn from each other, and learn how to solve problems as a team.

We started talking about Earth's materials this week, beginning with rocks. We are working through All About Rocks from The Teacher Wife. 
Here is one of my kiddos observing Igneous rock. He is touching it, smelling it, and describing what he is observing.

Looking ahead to the summer time already! With all of the craziness of school going on, the summertime has slipped my mind. In college, everyone begins planning for the summertime around November/December. In the real world, everyone around me has a family and commitments outside of school so there's no option of going away or doing anything for the summertime that doesn't involve their family. I would really love to do missions this summer! I keep going back to an opportunity with Mission to the World that targets children in the neighborhood of Washington Heights outside of NYC, helping them with homework and academic progression. Right up my alley, right? I need to get on this because I have already missed the first application deadline!

I definitely loved having a short week! But the cold all week plus rain all day today meant minimal outside recess time. Which meant my kids were anxious to go outside all week long! We will definitely have to continue to work on our voice levels! So, here's to another weekend! PTL!