Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Mysterious and Unattainable Girl

She hails from Boston
She hates the sound that goodbyes make
She loves Sundays and champagne
She can't stand the winter
She can't stand anything that she can't change, she can't change

She is whatever she wants to be
She is a little of everything
Mixed up so tough in a beautiful way
She's got the world at her fingertips
She makes beauty look effortless
And I want, everything she is, she is, she is
Well I want everything she is, she is

We talked for hours
But she wrote the book on hard to get
No it don't matter what I say
I could buy her flowers
But that's just too cliche to impress a girl like her
And you know I kinda like it that way


Oh she is, all I think about
And I can't do without
The good, the bad, the somewhere in between
Oh because I want everything

She is whoever she wants to be
She's a little of everything
Mixed up in a beautiful way


"She Is" by Ben Rector

Not to knock Ben Rector, totally love his music but I decided to write about this song too because I think this romantic song represents something so huge for girls, a lie we are constantly taught to believe. This song, and many others out there describe that perfect girl for a guy. He describes the things about her that he loves but at the same time it is so ambiguous, leaving a mysterious feeling and the listener wants to know more about this mysterious girl. So many things teach girls that there is such as thing as "the perfect girl". The only girl that gets the fairy tale ending with the guy. Basically we end up believing that this mysterious, perfect girl described in this song is the epitome of a woman and that we need to be more like her.

The idea that we should change ourselves to become someone else, we continue to "tell" ourselves that who we are isn't good enough, who we are isn't what guys want. We begin to believe that we are not beautiful exactly the way that God created us, we become insecure, and at the end of it all we believe we can actually become this ambiguous girl described in the song. We believe that the characteristics we have and were blessed with by the Lord are not what guys want, ultimately we then attempt to earn the temporal affections of a guy by being someone who we are not. As opposed to letting God bless us with a guy who enjoys the characteristics God has blessed us with. If we believe that we must earn a guys initial affection, we will spend a lifetime trying to continuously earn continual affection and ultimately waste our life trying to achieve the impossible. We miss out on the glorious things God has for us such as grace for our sin, experiencing eternal love in him, and experiencing the love of another through Christ and because of who God created us to be.