Monday, September 12, 2011

God's Doing Work!

An update on me bloggers: this year I am having the joy, the privilege and the challenge of being an RA on a freshmen hall. It is a privilege that God has called me to love these girls, serve these girls, and minister to these girls in the name of Christ. It is a privilege to see the work that God is choosing to do in these girls hearts and on this hall. I think the more I minister to these girls this year the more God shows me that He doesn't have to use me and that although He has called me to be an RA this year on this hall, He doesn't call me to minister more to them than anyone else. He has shown me already how He is and is not choosing to use me on this hall. He has shown me the passion some of these girls have come in with and the struggles some of these girls have come in with. I have to fight the mindset that every freshmen coming in is an unbeliever, know and claim the mindset that there are many unbelievers in general on campus, not just freshmen and not just upperclassmen.
But it is a joy to see how God is using me to spur on these girls: talking to them about how to share their faith, how to build a relationship with God, what it looks like to dig deeper in the word, the importance of community, and the benefits of community. And it is a joy to see how God is using me to show some of these girls a picture of what it looks like to worship the Lord and truly have a relationship with Him. However as I see that God chooses to use me in some of these girls' lives and not in some of the others, I also really saw tonight how at times I find joy and put faith in numbers. I am thankful and joyous that 8 girls went to Campus Outreach tonight and thankful and joyful that 10 came to bible study last week. However, I should be just as thankful if just 1 girls had come to each because it means that God is working on this hall. And although I am praying for these girls and praying that their lives would be radically turned upside down by the true image of God, He doesn't promise that He will use CO in these girls lives, even if they come to every meeting and every bible study session. He is definitely using it in some of these girls' lives already, but He doesn't promise that CO is what He will use. So I can rejoice in numbers but pray for true transformation of their hearts through whatever means!