Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Another Note

If any of you regularly read my blog you may have noticed this fancy new little gadget in the right column. Also, if you read my blog regularly you know that the Lord really burdened my heart last semester for kids involved in sex trafficking and prostitution. This burden has also translated into other areas where kids are living on the streets without homes, without parents, without food or shelter, kids involved in gang life, or kids that experience traumatic foster care situations. It would be such a blessing and is a dream of mine to own a safe home for kids off the street, kids wanting to get away from the gang life, from prostitution, from wherever that place may be. To create a loving environment where they can be nurtured for once and shown what is the love of their Creator, the One who knows them and loves them best. And so I found this great little gadget deal that donates money to the Los Angeles Youth Network to provide shelter for homeless youth in Los Angeles. All YOU have to do is click on it and do a couple of activities. This is such a neat way to use common technology, something we come in to contact with every day to support kids who are not geographically within our reach, and also such a great way those of us broke college students can serve kids without having to spend our much needed gas money, although on a side note we are privileged to be supported by our parents or even by ourselves and so lucky that we have enough money for gas!