Thursday, November 4, 2010

White Christmas or White Spring?

I absolutely love everything about weddings! Probably what it really is is that I just love to look at wedding dresses. In the store, online, in a magazine, I love it! They are so gorgeous and all of them are different in sometimes just subtle ways and other times great ways. They are beautifully made masterpieces with buttons and lace and more gorgeousness! So of course wedding dresses lead me to think about other aspects of weddings, particularly my own. Disclaimer though: please do not think that I obsess over my own wedding or that I, at the young age of 20, am pining to get married. This is not the case at all! I just love weddings and thinking about what I might possibly want for my own wedding. I love the idea of an outside wedding in the spring time when the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, the sunshine is out and everything is so beautiful! However this poses many problems: rain, mosquitoes, the classic SC humidity, grass stains on my dress, where will I get dressed?, where outside would I have this wedding? I also think about having a wedding in December when the church is decorated for Christmas. However at the same time I don't know that I want Christmas decorations at my wedding or my anniversary so close to another holiday. The holidays gets expensive already without adding one more celebration to the month! Well, nevertheless, I have plenty of time before this matters will be pressing so for now I'll just ogle over these beautiful dresses I wish 


I love lace and open backs! I think they are so beautiful, classy and still traditional. 

However, unfortunately for me circumstances prevent me from being able to wear an open back dress. So I think that last one is also gorgeous!

lllooovvee this one!!