Friday, November 12, 2010

Holy Moly!

So bloggers, I feel like I still have a long way to go in learning what biblical womanhood looks like and how that will change for me as my role changes from a single student to in a relationship, in the work force or wife. However, one thing that I have seen laid before me is the picture of marriage as detailed in the bible. An aspect of biblical womanhood as a wife is submitting to your husband as the leader in your relationship as well as in your family. The man is the head of the household, the leader of the family, he is more mature in his relationship with Christ and therefore the wife is called to humbly trust that he has sought the will of the Lord in all matters and submit to his decisions. Funny thing is that all of this was far from my mind as I was on the internet earlier today looking for a current event article on education when I stumbled upon an article on an evangelical speaker by the name of Priscilla Shirer who speaks to women about biblical womanhood and submission to the husband. I can't believe I found something like this on the New York times website! Now, how did I find an article entitled 'Housewives of God' in the education section, you ask? I didn't. This article was on the homepage of the New York Times! How legit is that? I can't help but praise God for the many women who found this article on the front page and got to see such a cool picture of the father as the leader and the wife humbly submitting not as inferior but in honoring the role God has laid out for her in his word! The article is really lengthy and there are some quotes from others who are of different sort of "denominations", I guess you could say, who don't quite believe the same thing so it gets a little confusing in the middle as the author strays from Priscilla. But nonetheless I am thanking God for the women he reached through this article! I have a lot of questions that simply cannot be answered by this article such as, what does it look like for her to honor her husbands position as the leader in the work force as she is on stage preaching while he works the background scene? How does she balance being a stay at home mom but also having a job as an speaker for women? So bloggers, read for yourself!

P.S. if you see the note at the bottom of the very last page, this same author wrote an article on the pastor Mark Driscoll, a known fave for some of my blogger friends!