Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am so blessed that the Lord has continued to burden my heart for girls involved in human trafficking. I have such a deep compassion and sympathy for girls who have experienced such terrible things and I pray that they would one day know the love that their Savior knows for them; that they would know what love truly looks like from Him and not from these men who are not devoted to the Lord. I pray that one day the Lord would heal them enough for them to experience a glimpse of the love between a man and a woman the way the Lord intended it to look like, the love from a man who desires to serve her in a way glorifying to the Lord, cherish her the way the Lord does, love her the way the Lord does and push her to know more of the love her Savior has for her.
To read more about this and find out how you can help, here are some helpful websites of programs.

P.I.N.K. - Prostitution Is Not Kool

StreetGRACE: Help End Childhood Sexual Exploitation

the HOME foundation

End Sex Trafficking