Monday, April 5, 2010

Crunch Time

And so blogger friends, Easter break comes to an end. In the midst of family, friends and most importantly remembering the sacrifice Jesus paid on the cross for us and the amazing feat of conquering death by being resurrected, at the end of this time is when reality checks in, much to my dismay. As I realized just today I have only 3 weeks of school left! 3 weeks and my freshman year will be over! It is so crazy to think about. But what has really hit me is that I have only 2 weeks of classes left and then exams. Oh no! Is it really time to start studying for exams already? I still have so much classwork to do. Papers to write, tests to study for, etc. And so blogger friends if any of you are also feeling my pain I thought I would share with you my tips for stretching out a paper. You know when you just don't want to write any more but unfortunately your professor requires your paper to be about half a page longer than what you have. and its due in ohh... t minus 2 hours or so. Even through all of the many papers I had to write in high school, for some reason I did not perfect this art until this year. Why oh why did God not grace me with this knowledge beforehand? Anyways, I thought I would save you all the stress!

1. Go with the old grammar rule your teachers were taught: 2 spaces after every period!
2. Cheat the margins. Not obviously, please do not turn in a paper with 3 inch margins because that is just plain dumb. If your professor requires 1 in margins make the margins slightly bigger: 1.2 or so. you may not think it will help that much but trust me, every little bit and every line helps!
3. increase your font size. again, go with the idea of less is more. change 12 pt. font to 12.5 not size 20.
4. Add more to your header line.
Professor's Name
Section Number
Assignment Number
5. Increase your tabs by one or two spaces, no one notices that anyway!
6. Increase your period sizes.
7. Check for synonyms of words that are longer.
Ex. said vs. declared, communicated, expressed, conveyed, remarked
all of these sound better in your paper and they are much longer!
8. LASTLY, only if you simply cannot do anything else, you can go back through and find things to expand on or talk about a little bit more.