Friday, February 7, 2014

Five For Friday - A Little of This and a Little of That

Hello All! Wow! It is finally Friday! I don't know why but this week seemed super long to me. We have a semi-short week next week. The kids were supposed to get Valentines Day off but since we had the "Snowpocalypse" they are coming for a 1/2 day to make up some time. We were only out for 3 days. How long were you all out for? I have been seeing around the blogging world that some of you have been out for a while and are still out! That is crazy!

We have finally finished this adorable mobile idea from Brandi over at Success in Second Grade! We were a little bit behind on it but I figure it's February which is Black History month, so whatevs! It can count for both MLK and Black History Month. I really like this project because it is a super easy concept for my kiddos. Right now I am doing it in class. Next year I think that we might discuss MLK, in class, read a book, talk about our dreams and then let the kids do this project at home and bring it in to share. This way it doesn't take up a whole lot of class time and it's a pretty simple project to do with the rents.

Anyone interested in testing out a product for me? My newest TpT packet is all about 2 digit addition with and without regrouping. It's been up for sale for about 2-3 weeks now and haven't had any takers. So if any of you would like to give it a try for me and give me some feedback about how I can improve it, let me know by commenting below please! Click this link to see the product. Also, if you have any suggestions about how I'm marketing the product (price, cover page, preview, etc.) give me a holla too or see my post in the sellers forum under the feedback thread.

This week we talked about addition with 3 addends. It wasn't covered directly by our curriculum but it is a first grade core standard and I knew they would see it on the Stanford test we take in March. Sure enough there was a 3 addend addition problem on our Stanford practice page today. My kiddos loved using the unifix cubes, it made it so simple for them. We also discussed and practiced using ten frames and tally marks to solve. We have also been completing some of the activities from the Winter Math Journal activities packet by Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits. I'm pretty much in love with this packet!

Spring picture day was today! Oh Spring pictures. I remember those days in elementary school when you would wear an outfit with flowers all over it and pose with your arms neatly crossed on top of a picket fence in front of a scenic backdrop of a meadow with wildflowers. Our Spring pictures were pretty low key. The guy taking them had no props, no fancy backdrops. Just the regular stuff. I kinda liked it. We also take a class picture. And it was team picture day. Since I work at an independent school we have our own sports. I have seven girls that are participating in cheerleading. That's right seven! So I had to attempt to make sure seven first graders changed into their uniform, help them button the buttons and unbutton the buttons, put hair up, take hair down, and all the while make sure my boys were not getting too rowdy! Wow, what a day!

Here's to a long awaited, and much too short weekend hopefully filled with sleep!