Monday, November 25, 2013

Full of Fun in First Grade

We have been having some fun in First Grade this past week. Praise the Lord that it is almost Thanksgiving which means tomorrow is an early dismissal day for us (holla!) and grandparents day. Teachers... you know what we'll be doing tomorrow morning - watching a movie! Some of the fun activities we did in my first grade classroom this week included:

Discussing the First Thanksgiving with Deanna Jump's "First Thanksgiving" Freebie. 

A tip for the paper savers - when you download the freebie in PDF format, the front cover is a full page. I used the same image only used the snapshot tool from Adobe to double the image and put two on one page. So, as you can see, our books are about half a page instead of a whole page. I found this was plenty of space for us to glue our sentence and draw our picture. 
Also, I decided to print the sentences on different colored construction paper. This made the management easy because we did one sentence a day so it was easy for the kids to know which sentence we were using on what day. We had so much fun with this! I loved that after building the sentence, we discussed what the sentence was talking about. This gave a lot of opportunities for my firsties to show off what they already knew about the story.

Scarecrow Sorting: Odd and Even

Last week, we spent the week reviewing math skills including Odd and Even with this Scarecrow Sort Freebie. I looked back to see where I downloaded to give credit and link back but unfortunately I could not find it. Whoever made it did not put a credits page in the document. :( Feel free to contact me for a copy of it however. I also introduced them to my two friends Even Steven and Odd Todd from Cara Carroll's Even and Odd post.

We made our own butter and tasted it on a pumpkin muffin! I thought this was such an awesome idea to experience the hard life of being a pilgrim. I got this idea from Kristen Smith's blogpost about how her class experienced life as a pilgrim. 

My kiddos loved it and they said that I should totally do it again next year. Kristen may have just helped me start my first classroom tradition! My kids were also shocked and very appreciative when I told them that I had baked their muffins myself. They are such sweeties!

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