Sunday, September 15, 2013

Now that I have started my new job teaching 1st grade (woot woot! holla!), you all will probably be thinking from pretty much now on that the domain should change to because I will probably be mainly sharing about my teacher life! Now that we have gotten into the swing of things, I have a little (more like a sliver) of more time to share with you all the first several weeks of school for me. **Cue remembering music***

The First Day-

Imagine my horror, i mean excitement, when my first little firstie shows up at my door at 7:30. Mind you school does not technically start until 7:50. Yikes! Then more of them came piling in with lots of parents! Luckily, we had a good morning with no lingering parents.
  • the good parts: We started reading Junie B., First Grader at Last! and my kids absolutely loved it! They thought Junie B. was so funny, some of the things that she did and said. And I think they also really liked that she was a first grader just like them. Also, no major behavioral issues like talking back or sass.
  • the rough parts: since I was new, I didn't know a lot of the school procedural stuff. Do I take them to specials? Does the specials teacher come for them? Do I pick them up from specials? Does the specials teacher bring them? How does the lunch line procedure work? Where is our lunch table? The kids want ice cream, (we sell ice cream?) What is this snack shack thing the kids keep mentioning?Also, I expected the kids to come in doing their normal school stuff. Reality check: they come in acting like they've never been to school before. So all day there was no raising hands, many friends getting out of their seats and even a few students that tried to leave the classroom without asking!
So basically, the kids left and I sat in my mentor teacher's room and bawled like a baby. But the good news is that there have not been any more tears since then and the kids have been making progress with the procedures every day!

And so far the parents have been super great, helpful and supportive which I always need!