Saturday, March 17, 2012

Idols: False Worship

Hey bloggers! So I know it's been a little while since my last blog post but I'm back again to write to you about a revelation the Lord put on my heart today!
Today I was studying God's word in Hebrews 11:7-12 and spending time admiring God's beautiful creation outside! In Hebrews, God lays out several testaments of faith through believers such as Abel, Enoch and Noah. The description of God's command to Noah can also be found in Genesis 6 as well which provides an interestingly different perspective. In comparing today's passage in Hebrews to yesterdays in Genesis, I realized the the passage of Genesis allows us to see the magnitude of God's command to Noah and the magnitude of his faith. God was very specific in every detail of how the ark should be built, who should go in it as well as exactly what was to come on the earth and the fate of everything on it. This is powerful knowledge that Noah held and yet his fear of the Lord compelled him to build this ark down to the last detail and probably endure many scorns from those around him who did not believe. Where the passage in Hebrews allows us to really understand the blessings Noah found through obedience and faith. Noah's family was spared and blessed by God, Noah received salvation and grace through God and was a testament to the faith that God calls all believers to.
I realized that true obedience such as this is compelled by a deep worship, admiration and fear of God, who he his and his power. And I asked myself the question, if I found myself in the same situation, would I have had the same faith that Noah did? Probably not. I have a huge idol of man, I fear man and I desire acceptance and love from others around me to satisfy me. This idol also serves an idol of ministry and a desire to be perceived by others as holy and having a deep spiritual maturity in my relationship with God.
Through praying through this, I realized that idols are stirred in my heart through a lack of worshiping God. It's so simple, yet this has just now come to resonate in my heart. When I am slacking on my responsibility to worship God and spend time with him, it leaves me feeling needy, unloved and unworthy. I then begin to try to find this in others. I want them to fill my heart the way God is supposed to and man is not created to do that, nor can we even begin to possibly do that. When I am truly in deep worship and recognition of God and his place in my heart and life, I am filled with the Lord and idols are not stirred in my heart. I am compelled my God's love to be obedient and faithful in his calling!
Such a revelation and changes my view of idols and my relationship with Jesus!