Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summertime's Calling Me - Again!

So bloggers, or non bloggers, or whoever, it's that time again - summertime. Last summer I had an amazing experience in Myrtle Beach at the Leadership Project. This summer I'm going down a slightly different direction and heading to Winnsboro, SC. Where is that? It is right outside Columbia in the White Oak area. I'm going to be living in a Cabin leading about 12 girls each week who are there to have fun, go swimming, do arts and crafts,  go on a hike, shoot archery, and learn about Jesus! I'm going to be a Cabin Leader (Counselor) at Camp La Vida! I went there several times growing up and absolutely loved it. Now I am so excited to go back and share my life and Jesus with these girls!
But I've been realizing lately that my attitude about camp has been really...selfish. I've just been sort of nonchalant about it. I am excited about it but at the same time I'm not. I have just sort of had the attitude of "I'll go to camp, I'll take care of some girls, We'll all have a lot of fun and then the summer will be over". I haven't felt motivated to pray for the summer, to pray for God to burden me for these girls, to pray about my guidance and my leadership position for the summer, or about desiring to lead this girls to Christ. If I am consumed with myself, I cannot lead this girls towards Christ because I am not reflecting Him, because I am not fixed on Him.
I need to start committing to praying for these girls daily and continuing to pray for them even while at camp. So pray for me and for my girls as I pray for me and for my girls. Pray that I would fight daily to fix my eyes on Him and pray that the Lord would guide me in all my decisions, that they would be glorifying to Him and that ultimately these girls would see Christ in me and everything I do!