Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dear Fall Break,

These past two weeks of class have been so crazy! I have had so much work do it has been really overwhelming at times. I've barely seen my roommate, spent most nights with James H. Thomason library and I am in need of a break! Last week I had a midterm on thursday, a religion test on friday, a history test on friday, and a short essay due on friday. Unfortunately, it's not quite over yet either. I've still got a paper due on Monday and another midterm on Monday. In all this craziness, I've barely spent time with the Lord which scares me a little because that means I've been relying on myself and not leaning on Him. No wonder I'm so exhausted! I've also been battling some sort of cold thing for the past two weeks along with all of this school work! And I'm still not quite over this cold, of course I'm pretty sure it helps to remember to take your medicine but hopefully I'll be completely over it in time for fall break this weekend! And another good thing is that after tomorrow, it should be smooth sailing until fall break, although my biology professor still has not decided when he wants us to have our test. I'm looking forward to going home, spending time with my family, resting and spending time in the word.
Speaking of my time in the word. Usually my ministry decides on a book that everyone can study together and puts out a schedule. In the past I have decided to do this and it was worked out so well for me! This semester we are making some changes in the ministry and they haven't done that. This is challenging for me because I always feel I can't do my own thing. It is harder for me to get up in the morning to study the word if I do not have something set to study. And I am realizing that I think I learn much more when I am consecutively studying a book. I don't always choose to study that book or even the word every day but most days I do. Some days I can just read the book like a story or really study the verse. So, I'm realizing I need to pray about and think about a particular book to study this semester. I'm hoping for something that's really going to challenge me to examine my relationship with the Lord and the way I live my life. I know there must be some areas of my life where I falter in living souled out for Him, but what are those areas? I'm definitely in need of some rest and prayer!
 So Fall Break, can you please come sooner?