Saturday, August 28, 2010

A PC Fave: The Gallon Challenge

So blogfans, last night I participated in the annual Gallon Challenge. Although this is a fave event for us, there are many other college students who love a good Gallon Challenge. The goal in the Gallon Challenge is to drink an entire gallon of milk within one hour AND keep it down! This feat is much harder than I imagined. Although I did not throw up, I also did not get down the whole gallon within the hour! But, here are some highlights from the contest:

Liz looks excited!

Edith looks a little scared!

still drinking!

zaxbys cup! represent!

I'm a little nervous but ready to go!

For highlights of last year's gallon challenge check out Ashton's experience at Life in the Smyth Lane 'Gallon Challenge'!